Donatello Iacullo


DONATELLO IACULLO. With his Mediterranean origins, he is an extraordinary artist. In love with the Broadway style, he studied theatre in Milan and graduated as an actor in prose and variety. At the same time, he learns Tip Tap (this is the discipline that will open his door to the world of swing, soon to become his favourite environment) and refines his natural disposition as an entertainer. His educational background is perceivable on stage, on street and in every other situation where the stage lights are pointed at him. He conduces, manoeuvres and entertains himself and those who are around him.

During his career, he embraced diverse experiences. As an actor we have seen him in many Italian Tv commercials and programs alongside well known Italian celebrities  . As a presenter he hosted social and cultural gathering in diverse circumstances, such as ‘Writers’ in Casa Sanremo, Valsele Film Festival or in trade shows such as Cosmoprof, Expo, Salone del Mobile. He annually hosts kermesses, festivals, business parties and shows all over Italy and in many different contests, for instance on street, in theatre, in exclusive locations: you can unexpectedly find Donatello everywhere! His real personality rises more than ever in contexts where live swing bands, corps the ballet and guest come together as one whole shared experience.

He loves generating the flow among the artist and its audience.

In regards to theatre, he writes and puts on stage for his on piece of writings. At the moment he has completed and presented five of them along with his "Donnie bra & Brabraman" company. His latest play is "Come Panna Montata", where he puts on stage and elegantly directs a play in One Man Show style!