• Salento Swing Festival is a project developed by the amateur sports association denominated Jazz All Jazz/Salento Swing People. In order to participate to the activities organised by the association, it is necessary to be a member (you must be at least 18 to be admitted). The price of the annual membership (valid until September 2020) is included in the cost of the packages.

  • In order to apply for the Salento Swing Festival, it is mandatory to fill in the online application form (http://registration.salentoswingfestival.it).

  • Once completed the online application form, the Registration System © will automatically assign an ID number to your application and create a private space on the following server http://status.salentoswingfestival.it(here it is possible to check your current and updated registration status). The server will confirm the reception and the details of your application via email. The registration is considered valid once you receive a confirmation email in which the payment methods are clarified.

  • The payment should be made in a single tranche (total amount) within 5 calendar days from the date of receipt of the confirmation email. However, the organization, aware of the effort required to make the payment in a single tranche, offers the possibility to all those who purchase a workshop pack or party pack combined with an accommodation pack (NOT valid for the packs purchased in the Super Early Birds offer) to divide the payment into two installments (each equal to 50% of the total amount): the first within 5 calendar days and the second within 30 calendar days by the date of receipt of the confirmation email (and in any case no later than May 15 2020). If the payments are not carried out by the required time limits, the registration will automatically canceled and no reimbursement or voucher is foreseen (even partial of the eventual first installment).

  • If you sent the application request as a pair, please make sure that your partner pays the fee no later than the deadline provided, otherwise both your registrations could be cancelled.

  • In order to check-in, it is necessary to possess the electronic pass (which can be either printed out or shown directly from your smartphone). The electronic pass can be downloaded from the ‘registration status’ page.

  • Every single participant will receive a bracelet which must be worn at all times and for the entire duration of the festival. It is not possible to share or exchange it with others. The staff will not hesitate to walk out those who do not possess the bracelet. If you lose or damage your bracelet, it is necessary to let the staff know on time.

  • Insurance is not covered by the association, it is your own responsibility to take adequate precautions. The staff is not responsible for any injury or accident, as well as for the loss, theft or damage of your personal belongings. Furthermore, every location has its own security policy.

  • The agenda of the Festival could be modified without any notification or refund. Variations may be due to problems concerning the teacher’s flights, in case of their unlikely illness or injury or for any other reason not depending on the staff’s will.

  • To access the Lindy Hop classes for the Intermediate, Intermediate/Advanced and Advanced levels auditions are required. The teachers (whose judgment is unquestionable) can modify, increase or decrease the level you have chosen during registration. The auditions will be on Thursday for all the participants (before the beginning of the lessons). Those who fail to attend the festival on Thursday will have to attend the auditions on Friday (before class starts). Those not able to attend the festival on Thursday will have to attend the auditions on Friday (before the start of the lessons). To take part in the auditions, you must first check in. Those who do not participate (for any reason) at the auditions (on Thursday or Friday), are automatically entered in the Improver level. In addition to the auditions, teachers can change the level of the participants at any time and in all classes.

  • If the registration process is for any reason rejected, there will be no refund.

  • The registration may be transferred to another person, upon allowance of the staff. It is possible to give someone else the opportunity to replace you as long as he/she has your same role (leader or follower) and belongs to the same dancing level you chose during the early registration phase. This is allowed only if the request is sent to the staff no later than 7 days before the beginning of the Festival.

  • Lessons will be held at the Dance Camp, which is situated in a private structure of the ‘Le Cale d’Otranto’ resort. The resort has its own rules and regulations and therefore requests all those who access the structure to register, through an identification document, for security reasons. In order to access to the structure and attend the lessons, it is necessary to hand in your identity document which you will recollect when you leave.

  • Those who bought the package that includes only the lessons (without accommodation), will have access to the Dance Camp exclusively for the lessons and cannot benefit from the services offered by the resort. In this case, those who attend just the lessons will have access to structure only 15 minutes before the beginning of the lesson, and they must leave within 15 minutes from the end of the lesson. If the exit from is for any reason delayed, the resort may apply penalties (50 Euros).

  • Packages that include night stays at the Dance Camp benefit of the Silver formula which comprises full board buffet meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner), including drinks. When one registers, it is possible to choose the room (either a twin bedroom or a classic double bedroom) and also name the person you want to share the room with. If you don’t provide a preference, then the Registration System © will automatically assign you a same-sex person to share the room with. It is not possible to change your roommate. The cost of the package also includes the ‘club card’. The ‘tourist tax’, instead, must be paid to the resort upon arrival (2 euros for each night stay). Registrations must be made through the official online application form; any other form of registrations shall not be considered valid. The registration will be considered valid upon receipt of the bank transfer payment. The staff of the Festival is not responsible for any disruption, errors or damage caused by the resort. For further details that are not included in this document, please refer to the official regulations of the resort’s webpage, http://www.lecaledotranto.com.

  • In case the Festival should be cancelled in case of natural disasters, insurrections, strikes or any other reason for which the staff is not responsible, there will be no refund.

  • By applying for the Salento Swing Festival, in the meaning of Articles 10 and 320 of the civil code, and of Articles 96 and 97 of the 22.4.1941 n.633, law on the copyright, you agree to the dissemination and publication of any sort of image of the Festival in which one might appear, on the website, on the Facebook or Instagram accounts, on printed materials and/or any other form of dissemination with advertisement purposes, as well as to the preservation of these in the association’s archive files. In addition, in the meaning of the Article 13 of the Legislative Decree n.196/2003 and on the basis of the information supplied, you agree to the processing of your personal data and to its use for purposes related to the fulfilment of the Festival or any other initiative organised by the Salento Swing People association.