The band and teacher' shows will be held at the Lungomare degli Eroi, which is a beautiful seashore situated in the city of Otranto. The seashore is characterized by an immense plaza located in the fascinating historical centre of the city. The location creates a captivating surrounding for both the exhibitions and our social dances, especially when the sun sets and the mirror of the sea reflects the moon’s light.

At the center of the plaza, underneath the mighty walls of the Aragonese Castle, a huge platform will be constructed. The stage will host the Swing Bands!

Last but not the least, the stage will host the exhibitions of our amazing international teachers, who will certainly astonish our lindy hoppers!

How to get here

Those who stay overnight at the Camp, there is the opportunity to catch the shuttle  bus that leaves the Resort at certain operating hours and reaches the Lungomare degli Eroi of Otranto. For those who do not stay at the Camp, it is possible to reach the location by car.

Night Parties Themes

It's very simple to know what to wear. Keep your imagination!