(Polka Dots Party)

The triumph of large and small polka dots, with sober or sparkling colours that emphasized the curves of the stars of our favourite period explodes under the stars of the first night in Salento. Their round and playful shape represented the fervor of those years which remind us the prosperity of our land and the enthusiasm with which it welcomes everyone. Then come forward with your dots on your fluttering skirts, on your ties, on suspenders, headbands, bow ties, and so on.


Friday’s party will be dedicated to the famous local expression “Mamma li turchi!”, which is used to refer to the Ottoman invasion of Otranto occurred in 1480. This time the invasion will be peaceful as lindy hoppers will pervade the city! The main colour of this party? It will be WHITE! Accessories, clothing and each and every single detail must recall this pure colour… in the name of peace, serenity and innocent amusement!


Saturday’s party will be dedicated to the king of the Italian swing scene: Renzo Arbore! Do you recall the well-known and ironic song “CACAO MERAVIGLIAO”? Well, the mood was: colours, flowers, dancing and cheerfulness! We have been inspired by this in choosing the topic for the main evening of the weekend: “SWINGAO MERAVIGLIAO – FRUITS AND FLOWERS Party”. Let’s give ourselves the chance to be excessive though bright colours and revocations of summer, fruits, flowers and the light heartedness of which our Renzo Arbore is the advocate!


Sunday’s party will be dedicated to the famous local expression “Salento, lu Sule, lu Mare, lu Ientu!”, which means Salento, the Sun, the Sea and the Wind! This party is a tribute to the annual prize winning of the Mare Bandiera Blu di Otranto context! Love at first sight exists and you will recognise it when you’ll see the magnificent of the city with your own eyes! The crystal-clear waters, the white sand and the turquois bays! So go ahead wearing whatever represents the “SEA OF LOVE”, with colours that resemble the sea, the sun, the wind... sailors and mermaids, and old school tattoos!