What is the official language of the event?

The event is mainly bilingual: Italian and English. All the workshops are in English language while the evenings are presented in both languages.


Can I make videos during the Festival?

You can make videos during the parties and you can publish them on the internet as long as you include a tag to the Salento Swing Festival (official hashtag or link to the website).
It is not allowed to shoot with the camera or smartphone the classes during the workshops. It's only possible to record the summary at the end of the lesson if the teachers agree. In any case, these recordings are for personal use only, it is not possible to share them on the social (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc ...).


What is the official hashtag of the event?

When you share photos, videos and posts on any platform (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. ..) regarding the Festival use the hashtag #salentoswingfestival, in this way you'll index your contents increasing their popularity.


How can I reach the Festival in Otranto?

Find all the information on this


Where can I get help during the Festival?

The Dance Camp (how-to-arrive-here/) is the central point for all the participants. There you can view all the information and find someone of the staff always ready to help you. In any case you can always contact us using the form CONTACT US on the website or by email (info@salentoswingfestival.it).


Where is Check-In?

If you have purchased a party pack you can complete the check-in exclusively at the "Lido Balnearea". For all the other packs (workshop and/or accommodation) you can check-in you can check-in inside the Dance Camp (how-to-arrive-here/) at the scheduled times.


What do I need for check-in?

To check-in it is necessary to show (on the display of your smartphone or on printed paper) the electronic ticket that you can download (only after making the payment) from your "registration status" page (http: //status.salentoswingfestival .com). At this stage, the participant receives a bracelet that must wear for the duration of the Festival and which allows him to access the various facilities and participate in the activities of the festival.


Are there competitions during the Festival?

No, there are no competitions for this edition.

How can I register for the Salento Swing Festival?

The only way to register is online by filling out the form on this page http://registration.salentoswingfestival.it


I decided at the last minute to participate in the Festival, can I register and pay at the Chek-In?

No, it is not possible to make registrations and payments at Chek-In, the only way is online.


I filled out the registration form, what happens to my request once sent?

After successfully registering, you will receive an automatic response from our Registration System ©. If there are places available, you will be immediately confirmed and receive payment details. Only after the payment you'll be part of the Salento Swing Festival.


I registered but did not receive a summary email, did you receive my registration?

The Registration System © processes the request and sends the email in a few minutes, verifies that you have not received the answer in the Spam folder, otherwise, wait at least 24 hours and than contact us.


It is necessary to register with a partner?

Couple registration have priority, the Registration System © confirms them immediately. When signing up you are asked for your partner's name, surname and e-mail address, make sure you know them before proceeding.


Can I register individually as a leader/follower?

Of course yes! It is possible to enroll without a partner but for balancing reasons, if there is not an available place, the Registration System © will insert your request into the waiting list.


How can I see what my current position on the waiting list?

To consult all the information related to your registration you can go to your personal page "registration status" at this link http://status.salentoswingfestival.it. LOGIN with your e-mail and your ID (that you can find on the registration summary email). The position on the waiting list is updated automatically and in real time and depends on the registration order of the participants.


What can I do if I'm on the waiting list?

If you are on the waiting list, your registration is not considered confirmed. The Registration System © confirms your registration as soon as it receives a single registration request from a participant with a role opposite to yours. Otherwise, you can choose another alternative packs: Jazz Packs or Accommodation Packs. If you're in the waiting list, you can choose on your own responsibility, if you want to request another pack, or prefers to wait to find a partner. In both cases, any change will be based on availability of the other packs.


How can I communicate if I found a partner?

The Registration System © automatically couples the participants based on the e-mail address setted during registration. After registration, it is no more possible to change it if not by contacting us. To speed up the procedure we suggest to proceed by yourself: DELETE (via the "registration status" page) the previous single registration in the waiting list and ENROLL a new couple registration. In both cases, your partner must not already be registered for the Festival.


Can I register with a partner with a different pack and level?

Yes, you can register with a partner with a different pack (for example you could have "Combo Pack" and your partner could have "Lindy Hop Pack") and a different level (for example you could be in "advanced level" and your open partner could be in the "Solo Jazz class") but you must have the same level for Lindy Hop's class.


How do I change my registration?

To request changes to your registration please CONTACT US (always specify your ID).


What are Super Early Birds and Early Birds?

They are promotional campaigns in which the prices of packs are discounted for a limited number of registrations. The super early bird passes are discounted for a max of 50 packs. The Early Birds packs are discounted until 31st March. The price displayed on the website and on the registration summary e-mail already includes the discount.


Are other types of discounts available?

No, there are no other types of discount (eg schools or groups).

What are the payment methods available?

There are two payment methods available: bank transfer or PayPal. Only for payment via PayPal there is an extra-commission payment that will be automatically applied to the total price.


Where can I find the details for payments?

If the selected payment is "bank transfer", you will find all the details in the confirmation mail after registration. If the selected payment is PayPal, you can make the payment by clicking on the PayPal logo that you will find on your personal page "registration status".


How much time do I have to sending payment?

The payment should be made in a single tranche (total amount). However, the organization, aware of the effort required to make the payment in a single tranche, offers the possibility to all those who purchase a workshop pack or party pack combined with an accommodation pack (NOT valid for the packs purchased in the Super Early Birds offer) to divide the payment into two tranches.
So, there are 2 possibilities:

  • Payment in a single tranche. It is necessary to pay 100% of the total amount (by bank transfer or Pay Pal) within 5 calendar days of receipt of the confirmation email confirmation;
  • Payment divided into 2 tranches (with 30 days difference). It is necessary to pay the first tranche equal to 50% of the total amount (by bank transfer or Pay Pal) within 5 days of receipt of the confirmation email. While the second tranche (equal to the remaining 50%) must be paid within 30 days of receipt of the confirmation email (and in any case no later than May 15th, 2020).

You can take place at the Salento Swing Festival only after paying 100% of the total amount. If payments are not made within the required deadline, the registration will be canceled and no refound or voucher will be provided (not even partial of any first tranche).


How can I inform you of my payment?

Send us the copy of payment by e-mail.


How can I make sure you have received payment?

Once your payment is received, the Registration System © sends you an e-mail alert. In any case you can view the status of the payment updated in real time on your personal page "registration status".


When could my registration be canceled?

  • After booking confirmation, your registration will be canceled in case of no Payment within 5 days;
  • Your couple registration can be canceled, if your partner booking is canceled;
  • If you need to cancel your Registration, you can send us an e-mail;
  • If your personal data is false registrazione siano false and you can't prove otherwise;
  • If you don't attend the festival your registration will be canceled.


What appen when the registration is canceled?

When your registration is canceled you can't participate in the Festival and in no case you can get a refund or voucher.


Can I sell my pass to someone else?

Yes, you can, but you have to inform us before. The price and the method of payment established to resell the pass to someone else is something that concerns you two, the organization is not responsible in any way.


Can I sell my pass to someone with a different role (Lead / Follow) or level than mine?

No, the person who takes your place, must have your same role and level.


What should I do to make the transfer, if I found someone to sell my pass to ?

You have to send us an e-mail to inform us that you cannot come, and ask us to give your place to someone else. You have to tell us your ID and all the personal data of the person who will take your place (Name, Surname, Address, City, Country, Phone, E-mail, etc.). Please, (cc) the person who approved this transmission. Then, you will both receive a new e-mail confirming that the change has successfully been. Only requests received within 7 days before the start date of the Festival are considered.


What classes are there at the Salento Swing Festival?

Lindy Hop classes. And "Solo Jazz", "Solo Followers", "Solo Leaders" classes are offered at the Festival.


Is it necessary to have experience in order to participate?

Yes, there are no classes for absolute beginners.


Are the partners rotated during the lessons?

Yes, rotating partners has many advantages: you get more flexibility, improve your leader / follower skills, you're inspired by the other lindy hoppers, meet new people! You can meet many friends to dance with and have fun during the parties.


Can I book single days?

No, all packs provide everyday lessons.


Are auditions scheduled?

Yes, to access the Lindy Hop classes for the Intermediate, Intermediate Plus, Advanced and Advanced Plus levels you need to partecipate in the auditions.
The teachers (whose judgment is unquestionable) can modify, increase or decrease the level you have chosen during registration. The auditions will be on Thursday for all the participants (before the beginning of the lessons). If you are not able to attend the festival on Thursday you will have to attend the auditions on Friday (before classes start). To participate in the auditions, you must first check in to the registration desk. If you are not able to attend the auditions (Thursday or Friday), you will be automatically entered in the Improver level. In addition to the auditions, teachers can change your level.
No auditions are planned for the Solo Jazz class, Solo Followers and Solo Leaders.


What are the auditions?

The auditions are a path during which the teachers observe the dancers as they dance, to evaluate their skills and the level chosen during the recording phase. The auditions take place in a group format (starting from the highest level) in which all the dancers are asked to dance with a random partner on a song chosen by the teachers.


Where are the lessons?

The lessons are in the Dance Camp "Le Cale D'Otranto". To ensure the best experience, will be set up tensostructures with wooden flooring.


Come posso raggiungere il Dance Camp?

Trovi tutte le indicazioni su questa pagina how-to-arrive-here/


Who can access the Dance Camp?

All those who have purchased an accommodation pack and all those who have bought a workshop pack. If you don't stay in the dance camp, you can access the camp from 15 minutes before the start of the lessons. You have to show a personal identification document (identity card, driving license or passport) at the entrance. At the exit you you can take your identification document. You have to leave the Dance Camp within 15 minutes after the end of the last lesson.


Why do I have to leave my ID to enter the Dance Camp if I have to follow the lessons?

The Dance Camp is located in a private property, the resort "Le Cale d'Otranto", which is equipped with its own regulation that provides, for security reasons, the registration and identification of all those who access in . So, you have to show your personal document to access the Dance Camp and follow the lessons.


What happens if I delay my exit from the Dance Camp, after the lessons?

Those who have purchased a pack with workshops only, can access the Dance Camp exclusively for lessons and can not take advantage of any service offered by the resort. The scheduled exit time after the end of the lessons allows you to leave the resort with comfort. If you delay your exit after the time allowed, the resort can ask you to pay a penalty (50 euros).


I want to participate to the Festival, do I have to stay at the Dance Camp?

Our idea of the Salento Swing Festival is that the participants, the teachers and the musicians can share the experience of lessons, parties, meals ... together. For this reason we have worked to find a location that can offer all the participants a perfect holiday in Salento, in the all-inclusive formula (we do not like bad surprises J) at the lowest possible price. Our basic offer includes pack workshops to which pack accommodation can be associated.

How many days of accommodation are included in the packs?

There are pack accommodations which include 2 days accommodation, 3 days accommodation or 4 days accommodation.

Where are the lodgings located and how can I reach them?

All accommodations are located within the Dance Camp, that is the resort "Le Cale d'Otranto". You can find all the information on this page How to reach us

How can I book the accommodation?

The only possible way is online (https://registration.salentoswingfestival.it) by purchasing one of the pack accommodation.

Does the pack accommodation also provide food?

Yes, the pack accommodation includes accommodation in the "Silver" formula that includes full board (breakfast + lunch + dinner) buffet with drinks included in meals. Dinner is included on the day of arrival, breakfast and lunch are included on the day of departure too.

If I have food intolerances, are there several menus available?

Yes, for those who have food intolerances there are several menus available but it is necessary to pay a supplement (directly to the resort). Check the official page of the resort for more information.

Does the accommodation package also include the cost for the club card and the tourist tax?

The accommodation package includes the cost of the "club card" (which allows the use of all the services offered by the resort) while the "tourist tax", as per municipal ordinance, is payable locally (€ 2 a day).

What kind of rooms are available?

All rooms are double (in the "Classic" version). During registration you can choose the type, with two single beds or a double bed.

Can I choose a roommate to share the room with?

Of course! During registration you can tell us the partner you want to share the room with (which may be different from the possible dance partner). You will be asked for the name, surname and e-mail address of your partner. Make sure you know them before proceeding.

If I do not have a partner to share the room with, what will happen?

In this case the Registration System © automatically assigns a partner of the same sex, but the only possible type of room is double with two single beds.

Can I change my roommate?

No. You cannot change your roommate for any reasons.

Can I add extra days of accommodation to the Dance Camp?

Yes you can! Our packs provide a maximum of 4 days of accommodation but if you want to extend your holiday in Salento you can manage this request directly with the resort (communicate you are a member of the Salento Swing Festival in order to have all the discounts reserved to you).

When can I do the check in and access my room?

The entrance to the resort and the Check-in is from 14:00. The rooms are available from 17:00 (they might be delivered before only if ready). It is not possible to anticipate the Check-In time.

When should I leave my room?

The room must be left by 10:00 on the day of departure.

I need more information about housing, where can I find them?

For further information, additional services and special requests, please check the official website of the resort "Le Cale d'Otranto" https://www.lecaledotranto.com/

I would like to stay at the Dance Camp. Is there the possibility to book the double room for a single user?

Yes, it is possible to book a double room for a single user by paying for a supplement of € 50 per day. It is necessary to insert the request into the notes field during the registration.


Where do vintage shows and night parties take place? And how can I arrive there?

The vintage shows (scheduled on Friday and Saturday) are at the seafront "Lungomare degli Eroi" in Otranto. All the night parties (scheduled on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday) are at the "Lido Balnearea" beach. Find all the information on this page https://registration.salentoswingfestival.it


Are there shuttles for transfer?

Yes, for those who purchase the accommodation pack, is provided free shuttle service for the transfer: Dance Camp - Otranto - Balnearea.


How much does it cost to participate in vintage shows and night parties?

The vintage shows at the seafront "Lungomare degli Eroi" are completely free.

For the night parties at "Lido Balnearea", tickets are required.


Can I buy tickets at the box office?

No, you can't buy tickets at the box office, you have to buy the "Party Packs" online on our website (http://registration.salentoswingfestival.it).


How can I access the night parties?

You can buy the Party Packs that include entry to all the night parties.


Is it possible to buy tickets for single night parties?

No, but in addition to the pack that includes access to all the night parties, there are packs that include access to 3 night parties (from Friday to Sunday) or 2 night parties (Saturday and Sunday).


Are there party themes?

Yes, every party has its own theme that helps us to recreate the atmosphere of the swing era. More details here.


Are there wooden platforms for dancing during the night parties?

Yes, there are wooden platforms at the "Lungomare degli Eroi" and at the "Lido Balnearea".


How can I contact you?

You can contact us using the CONTACT FORM on the website or by email (info@salentoswingfestival.it).