We are situated in one of the southern regions of Italy, to be precise: Apulia. The area in which we live is known as ‘Salento’, and it is made up of many cities including Lecce and Otranto, and other little typical towns full of rich history and beauty.

The Salento Swing People is the heart of our dancing community, born and developed along with our Lindy Hop, Charleston and Jazz Steps courses, and, of course, our countless events. 

Cooperating and working alongside with other important and well known Italian Swing communities, we are now ready to give life to our ambitious project: “Salento Swing Festival – Live in Otranto”.

What will the festival’s beauty be? It could be considered unique because of its perfect combination between workshops, night events and the beach locations of Otranto, which will be the centre of our festival for the entire weekend.


Otranto was chosen because of its unimaginable beauty, characterised by its typical and fascinating historical centre. Above all, it was chosen because it is one of Italy’s most famous and appreciated beach resorts. It also embraces the principles of taste and elegance on which we want to base our Festival.

The coastlines of Salento have been recognised many times with "Blue Flag" awards and are the most desired destinations for those who love beach vacations with clear waters and golden sands.

Cale d'Otranto

It is here where we want to allocate all initiatives of our Festival. The resort in which our guest teachers and workshop participants will spend the weekend, is surrounded by nature and beautiful natural coves.

Lungomare degli Eroi - Otranto

The crystal waters of its beaches are to be enjoyed during the morning hours, lindy hop and jazz steps workshops will be scheduled for the afternoon, and the most important events will be held in the evening. Live bands, teacher exhibitions and social dance will be held under the captivating surroundings of the Aragonese Castle of Otranto.

Lido Balnearea

But it won’t end here, it will continue on the beach with the After Party. There will be a Dj Set Swing and a big dance platform on the sand where everyone can dance their heart away till sun rises on the farthest eastern city of Italy.