The one and only SWING CAMP!

“LE CALE D’OTRANTO”  Resort is going to be the “base” of all the lindy-hoppers arriving for the weekend. Here’s where the lessons will take place and where the accommodation and the restaurant are situated. The location is called “Torre Santo Stefano”, Otranto, the province of Lecce in the spectacular Salento. The Resort is overlooking the crystal clear waters of a bay, palms and cypresses that seem to be touching the sky. It is immerged in the local vegetation, mostly antient olive groves, pine forests and the Mediterranean scrub, all that surrended by transparent waters where the Adriatic sea meats the Ionian sea. In case that wasn’t enough, there is a second cove on the inside of the Resort, called Rada della Caréula, which is very discreet and cozy, formed of the smaller coves and a cave. An amazing natural swimming pool where the beauty of this place reaches its peak.



That’s right, there is far more to do on the inside of this 55ha Resort area other than sunbathing or having a swim in the sea. You will have an opportunity (for free) to use the tennis courts, a football pitch or a swimming pool with its various water activities, or go hiking in the meadows, woods and pine forests, all of which overlooking the sea! There is something for everyone! And to make it happen, the lindy hop and jazz solo workshops will be held only in the afternoon (the time in which the temperatures are slightly lower).

The Resort has a close bond with the territory entirely built in "pietra Leccese" (* a light yellow, easily worked limestone present in many local historical buildings) and that is the reason why the Mediterranean style rooms of the Resort are built with the very same stone, on both the ground and first floor. They are all surrounded by the peaceful park, overlooking the main bay and the Resort square.  



All the rooms availiable for the stay are double rooms (you can find them here  under “Camere Classic”) and there is a choice between one double or two single beds. Every room has its own private bathroom.

During the registration for the Festival, the guest that choose the accommodation packs, will be asked  to indicate his/her roommate using an online module found on our website. In case there is no name indicated, the system will ramdomly assign the same-sex partecipant of the Festival. The accommodation is optimized to guarantee a major saving, including ALL THE NEEDS one may have during the whole weekend: meals (breakfast + lunch + dinner), accommodation, lessons within the Camp itself as well as transport with shuttles for the party and after-party locations outside the camp. The compulsory "club card" for the stay is included as well, whereas the  "tourist tax", as per municipal ordinance, payable locally is not included. We guarantee comfort, maximum privacy in the moments of rest and relax, immense space for sharing meals, workshops and free time, all that to make that entire weekend a highly enjoyable experience.


The Guests of the Camp will benefit from the "Silver Formula" that is: full board (breakfast + lunch + dinner) buffet with beverages during the meals such as still and sparkling water, wines selected by the house, soft drinks (orange juice and cola), " Snacks "as the aperitif in the evening (you can have a look on the Resort website at the link

For celiacs,food intolerances or menus with other specific needs there are additional costs and it is necessary to contact the Resort in advance.

For additional services and special requests, see the Resort website:

How to get here

Those who stay overnight at the Camp, there is the opportunity to catch the shuttle  bus that leaves the Resort at certain operating hours and reaches the Lungomare degli Eroi of Otranto. For those who do not stay at the Camp, it is possible to reach the location by car.